“Spooky” the Asteroid

On October, 31, 2015, Halloween night, an unwelcomed guest decided to pay the Earth a visit. A 400-meter wide (1,300 feet) asteroid titled 2015 TB145, nicknamed “Spooky,”passed by the Earth 400,000 kilometers away, just as children and adults alike were going doorbell to doorbell collecting all of the candy that their hearts desired. The images captured of asteroid eerily represents a of a skull,  fitting for the day that it was passing by on. How were we able to take pictures of an object hurdling through space 400,000 kilometers away from us? Well NASA used huge, Earth-based telescopes and antennas to capture the images. By bouncing radar signals off of the asteroid, NASA was able to create a detailed picture of Spooky’s surface. The asteroid is currently travelling at a speed of 78,000 miles (125,000 kilometers) per hour, or about 35 times faster than a high-velocity rifle bullet. The next time that Spooky is expected to visit Earth again is in February 2018.

Photos by NASA
Photos by NASA

For more on the subject, read Jason Major’s article here.


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